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About Me
Hello and welcome.  My name is Leo Garcia.  Originally from Panama City Panama. Now lost somewhere is California, USA

What I did?
For many years I was a truck driver.  Drove from one side of the US to the other.  

What I do now.
Now I make and promote websites in different categories.  Some are for fun others are to make some money here in this crazy web.

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This are some of the websites I have created.  Each has a particular goal.  Check them out! - Free and Premium Ebooks - We wrote several ebooks in different categories.  It was a learning curve for me.  Not really much of a writer.  Then I turned those ebooks into pdf files so anyone can download them and read them at their leisure.

Self Help - Health & Fitness - Business Ideas - Marketing - Articles Ebooks - Free Funny Videos - I like to watch funny videos to pass the time.  But usually don't have much time to find the funny ones.  So I made a site that will find funny stuff in the categories I like.

Funny Baby Videos, Funny Cops Videos, Funny Falling Videos, Funny Pranks Videos, Funny Stuff Videos, General Funny Videos, Pets Funny Videos, Weird Funny Videos. - Free Downline Builder - After retiring from truck driving I needed some way to make extra money.  Found scams galore.  But a friend refer me to this 3 programs that have allowed me the pleasure of working from home and enjoy time with my loved ones.  They are easy to do and do not require a lot of time.  If an ex-truck driver with NO Computer Skills can do it. Anyone can!

The Feedermatrix Program - Direct Pay Biz Program - Hunger Games Programs - Traffic Generating Tools - "Build It and they will come" was great in that movie.  But in todays Internet, it does not work so well.  You could have THE BEST product, THE BEST Website... but if no one knows about it...  You get my point.  I have searched high and low and found lots of scams regarding getting traffic to your site.  But I also found the ones that work.  Here is the list of WORKING Traffic Generating Tools.

I try to live a simple, yet fulfilling life.  I dont ask much out of life.  A roof over my head, my bills paid, my kids (all 8 of them) happy, my loved ones near by.  Enjoy life to its fullest.  The above graphic was made by me and i try to follow my "Personal Plan For Today" everyday.

Thank you for visiting.  You can find me on Facebook or on Twitter!

To your success,
Leo Garcia